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Thank you for checking out Our Heroes and Villains! We're an AU Once Upon a Time RP based after the events of season 5a, with loose connections to elements from 5b. But we're more than your typical Once RP- new realms have expanded the universe and opened it up to newer fandoms! That's right: we're open to more than just Disney and Fairy tales! TV/Movies/Video Games and more are now possibilities. We've expanded to include Superheroes and comics!

The dealings with the Underworld have come to an end, but not without some big changes to Storybrooke. The formerly dead are now roaming around free again, and there's a new threat looming over not just the town, but all of the realms. Portals have started appearing at random, staying open from minutes to days, leading to realms both old and new, and seemingly coming from nowhere. These portals have been stealing people away from Storybrooke as well as dumping unsuspecting people from distant lands into the town they know nothing about.

One thing's for sure: it may take all Our Heroes and Villains to stop this new threat.

Currently looking for characters from all kinds of fandoms, including:

Once Upon a Time (Obviously)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Stargate Universe
Harry Potter
Steven Universe

.... and many others! Ocs are more than welcome, too!