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Hello, Readers. To start things off I've been asked to post this brief notice:

Addressing aesthetics: doHTML is not enabled; our basic post template is automatically applied (no coding required). Your avatar, if used, should be square. Moving images should not be used in posts or avatars. Images are not permitted in signatures.
  • Out-of-Character accounts are mandatory. (?)
  • There are no: character caps, ratios, word counts / quotas, activity checks or rules about how often you have to post.
  • Basic knowledge of grammar, proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling should be utilized to the best of your ability when posting. Avoid Powerplaying, Godmoding etc. without getting the okay from your partner first.
  • You must to be eighteen or older to join this site. Characters under eighteen are not permitted in even vaguely sexual situations: this includes characters that are physically or otherwise considered minors.
  • Mature threads must be marked with our one-click tagging system. In addition to that Content warnings should be included at the top of necessary threads.

    What are content warnings?
Site Culture
This is a *safe place. Granted, that sidewalk on 5th has been known to eat the occasional tourist without provocation or warning but POC and LGBT+ etc. etc. etc. individuals are welcome in and out of character; there are few exceptions, the citizens of our community are particularly accepting of their strange circumstances and of unconventional individuals.

*This is also a safe space for people who are disabled - if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to access the site (this includes altering the skin) please reach out to us!

Stay tuned next for the noises of my hurried retreat, echoing first as sound, and then as memory. And maybe, then again, as part of tonight’s fractured dreaming.

How strange it is to be anything at all.