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Wild at heart & weird on top
Welcome to the coastal desert town of Kalopsia!
Obvious exits are: none. Whether you're trying in vain to escape our lovely luxury Hotel Yorba, or spending time staring into the abyss at Briny Beach, Kalopsia is the premiere location for a little metaphysical R&R! Just ask our residents! Or don't!

Kalopsia's Hotel Yorba offers accommodations for all humans and humanoid creatures, including dark magic rituals, sacrificial meal options, underwater beach access lodgings, and suites large enough to provide for even the largest of hordes, extra limbs, or incorporeal consciousness(es). Many long term guests take up housing in the nearby residential properties, partially hypothetical hospital, desolate desert wastes, and/or labyrinthine gardens surrounding the hotel.

Kalopsia is a community built on friendship, desperation, apathy, and weekly city council meetings at an undisclosed randomly chosen location between the planes of existence. We encourage tourists and locals alike to discover themselves (seriously, the census is taking literally forever) and the limits of reality and their bank accounts. Visit Kalopsia today!